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Legal Disclaimer

Once you leave your Home to go on a Trip,Tour, Trackday, Event or enter on to The Nurburgring, Nordschleife, and buy your ticket for your lap(s), Nurburgring Express cannot be held responsible for the way you ride your bike, or any accident you may have, howsoever caused.


Any damage to your vehicle, yourself or anyone else, is solely your responsibility.

For this reason, your travel and motor insurance needs to be in force from the day before you travel to any destination until the day you return, this needs to be sufficient to ensure in the event of an accident, serious injury, or death, that you and your machine can be repatriated back to the UK.

When you purchase a ticket for the (Nurburgring) Nordschleife you will be paying for a ticket to ride on a public toll road in Germany. Your bike will need to be Insured, have a valid MOT (if applicable), have a current Road Fund License and be fully road legal. This includes a road legal exhaust which can and usually is checked on entry. V5 Document is also required which must be carried at all times.

If travelling out of the EU ie Turkey Green Card is required and V5 Document.

Please ensure all your documents are up to date and are kept on your person at all times during your trip or tour as it is a legal requirement to do so. Please ensure you have a current and upto date EHIC card. This is only valid in EU.

This can now be done online - link to the official department of health web site is here which is free.